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The loupe (pronounced loop) is the most appropriate tool to use in a diverse range of industries. Such industries include jewelry, watchmaking, photography, printing, dentistry, surgery, geology, etc. Loupe is a magnifying glass and there are special types of lenses that allow our eyes to focus on an object, making it bigger and revealing details that were not visible in normal vision.


The most common increase 10x magnifier. X indicates time. So 10-fold increase means that you will see 10 times the actual size of the object. Decent 15x and 20x magnifying glasses are less expensive and smaller in area than the 10x. Usually you put a 20x magnifying glass (and face) so close to the object, which blocks most of the light.

Lens quality also makes it much more noticeable difference in these higher magnifications. So with this being said, in general the higher the magnification of the lens the smaller the size of the lens.

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