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A lowboy is a name used by collectors in the United States to describe a certain sort of dressing table, vanity, or duchess. In contrast to the tallboy or highboy chest of drawers, it is a tiny table with one or two rows of drawers.

Both in England and the United States, the lowboy and tallboy were popular furniture pieces in the 18th century; the lowboy was most commonly used as a dressing table, but it was also employed as a side table. It’s commonly built of woodwalnut, or mahogany, with brass handles and escutcheons on the drawer fronts. Cabriole legs, carved knees, and slipper or claw-and-ball feet are common features in Queen Anne, early Georgian, and Chippendale furniture. The scallop-shell design is also carved beneath the middle drawer on the fronts of certain versions.

A dressing table with mirrors is known as a vanity, and it is used to apply cosmetics and other fashion accessories.


Traditionally, chests of drawers have been manufactured and used for keeping clothing, particularly underwear, socks, and other items that aren’t generally hung in or stored in a closet. They are typically used for this function in bedrooms, although they may be used to store anything that would fit within and can be placed anyplace in the house or elsewhere. A chest of drawers is frequently used to store a variety of personal goods. It has a lengthy history as one of a carpenter’s workshop’s staples. A standard chest features short legs at the bottom corners for resting on the floor and is about rectangular in overall design.

5-, 6-, and 7-drawer chests of drawers are common, with either a single or double top drawer. The chest seen at right is known as a ‘5 over 2 chest-on-chest,’ with the latter phrase referring to the fact that it was once made up of two separate sections. They’re usually built of wood, like a lot of other furniture, but they can also be made of other materials. The drawers’ interiors may be accessed by pulling them out from the front. Because access to the rear is not required, it is frequently situated such that the back side faces a wall. The lateral sides are normally built to be able to be positioned against a wall or in a corner. Chests of drawers can be created with a fancy or decorative look, incorporating finishes and varied external color tones, or they can be plain. Drawers used to glide out on smooth wood rails in the old days. The majority of modern cabinets (such as filing cabinets) include metal roll-out shelf sliders with rollers.

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