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Lungs are sacks of tissue located just below the rib cage. They are an important part of the respiratory system and the waste management authority. Human lungs do not have the same size. The right lung is somewhat greater than in the left lung, but also shorter.

The right lung is divided into three different sections, called lobes. The left lung has only two sections. The lobes are made of sponge like tissue that is surrounded by a membrane called the pleura, which separates lunges from the chest wall. Each lung half has its own lungs pleural sack. Therefore, when one is punctured, the other can go to work.


The lungs are like a bellows. As they expand, they draw air into the body. When they are compressed as they are withdrawn carbon dioxide a waste gas that bodies produce. The lungs and muscles to pump air, nonetheless.

The main functions of the lungs have to transport oxygen from the air we breathe in the blood at the time of taking the carbon dioxide that is released into the air when you exhale.

As in other parts of your body and overall health, smoking is harmful to the lungs. Smoking can cause lung cancer, among other diseases that affect the lungs.

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