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In Canada lynx is a medium-sized cat which are characterized by long ears tufts and short bobbed tail with a black tip completely. It has an unusually large paws that act as snowshoes in very deep snow, thick hair and long legs and hind legs are longer than the front legs.

Canadian lynx looks like to bobcats, but there are some features: Bobcats have shorter strands ears, the tip of the tail is black above and white underneath, and bobcats have shorter legs and smaller feet than lynx. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the lynx mostly occur only in the northern states along the Canadian border and in mountain areas, while the Bobcats are seen in almost all 48 states.


North American lynx is the largest species of lynx and some of these lynx have a very thick and fluffy skin. The European and Asian species of lynx are much smaller in size and have personalities that resemble those of a domestic cat.

Although lynx is a mammal base often been known to climb trees or swim to catch their prey. Lynx hunt small mammals, birds and fish, but prefer to hunt large mammals such as deer, elk if they can find and catch them.

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