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The magazine cover will sometimes tell the whole story with pictures only or with two or three-word headings. Sometimes that’s all you need to see and read to understand the story. The cover of the magazine is a calling card because it is lined up in the newsstand. The catchiest, most engaging, and most creative magazine covers are the first choices, especially for those who are looking for something to read on their commute or from work.

The cover of a magazine is just a moment to appeal to potential readers. Graphic specialists and marketing agents are always looking for features that make magazine covers the edge. It’s one element that has an almost universal appeal that doesn’t attract readers and repel them. Finding the right fit for a magazine cover is a delicate balance between attracting and offending. The cover of some magazines always only offends a small percentage of readers, which is taken into account when designing the cover. Covers that offend the majority, as well as the majority of readers, spell the fate of that matter, and if it is a habit that repeats frequently enough, it spells the fate of the magazine completely. The same applies to magazine covers. If they are simple and informative, potential readers will not even see them. They become invisible and become a large amount of material for local paper drives and recycling collection. No matter how inspiring the content of the magazine, the printed paper is worthless if the cover is not selling the magazine.

Of all the elements of a magazine, the cover is where most of the time and talent is spent. Magazine covers need the right mix of graphics and text to attract readers. The text should include buzzwords of the day that are not heavily used, especially if the magazine is not a daily newspaper and a view of the photos that are not yet included in all publications. When most people look at the photos, they look good enough. The same is true for text. If the headings are the same as those already read in another publication, they move on to the next magazine. The next magazine will either have a completely different meaning for the story or be a whole new story.


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