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Maine coon cats are thought to have originated in Maine. The Maine Coon is the state’s official cat. The other half of their name comes from a myth believing that they were the genetic result of a mating between domestic cats and raccoons. It is impossible, but the legend was born a long time ago, probably because of its very fluffy tail and the name stuck. Although famous show cats in the late 1800s, they saw a decline in popularity due to the introduction of more exotic breeds in this country. Around the 1950s, the Maine Coon experienced a resurgence in popularity when breeders noticed how handsome and generous they were.

Physical Characteristics

Maine Coons come in all colors, although the most common color is brown tabby. Eye colors can vary from gold to green and sometimes even blue. The Maine Coon’s physical characteristics are a large, hearty, and healthy cat that evolved in cold climates. Their coats are very thick, shiny, and water-resistant. The fur on the back is more dense and becomes shorter towards the front. The tail and ears are thicker and hairier than other breeds of cats. These cats are one of the largest breeds, and their legs are disproportionately large for their size. Females generally weigh between nine and twelve pounds while their male counterparts can weigh between thirteen and eighteen pounds. People commonly misjudge their size as being much more extensive than reality due to the too thick coat.


Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the Maine Coon is their voice. The sounds they make almost sound like chirps. It is indeed strange to hear such a high voice coming from such a large breed of cat.

Maine Coons Personality

Maine Coon cats are just big kids. They mature more slowly than the other cat breeds and their youthful playfulness from which they never seem to come out. Although they are very social cats, they are more than just happy observers, content to watch their human roommates engage in daily living activities, and sometimes even try to help them. They are generally not territorial and seem to cohabitate well with dogs and other cats. Their gentle playfulness and quirky ways make them a great addition to any home with children. Many owners report that the Maine Coon can be trained quite easily, such as undergoing leash walking.

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