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Believe it or not, many people really do not know what a mammal is. There are a number of identifying factors that determine a mammal from a non-mammal. They are one of the most beautiful and incredible creatures on our planet Earth and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from armadillos to whales, including humans. Mammals have many similarities in common that may surprise you.

Mammals belong to an animal classification (class) known as Mammalia. They have specific characteristics that are different from other animals. On the one hand, almost all mammals are warm-blooded and live birth bearers, which means they give birth to live young rather than laying eggs that need to hatch.

Female mammals on Earth are the only creatures on our planet that produce milk for their young. Milk is produced through the mammary glands of the mother, usually located on the breast in the upper part of the groin area. Milk is very rich in vitamins and special nutrients that are crucial to the needs of the child.

Unlike our cold-blooded reptiles, such as snakes and most lizards, which need sunlight for warm up, mammals are almost ready to start the day right now. Their bodies generate enough heat to maintain a constant heat.


While most mammals live on land, bats (yes, mammals bats) have risen to the sky! Marine mammals such as whales and lobsters (or sea cows) live in our oceans.

Scientists believe that large marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins, have many developed brains, similar to humans. They can communicate, follow instructions and intelligently invent things. Mammals also have a larger, better developed brain than other animals, and most of them have good memories and can learn new things. This means that mammals can learn to survive in new places and situations, if necessary, which is officially called adaptation in the science of wildlife.

Another feature found in mammals is their specialized teeth. The teeth change only once during an individual’s life, known as diphyodonty. The first teeth of a mammal are called baby teeth, similar to humans.

It is estimated that more than 5,000 mammal species exist within approximately 25–30 different classifications. Scientists continue to disagree with the exact figures, as well as with how some animal species relate to others.

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