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Maroon is a reddish crimson hue named after the French word marron, which means chestnut. One of the French equivalents for “brown” is “marron.”

The color maroon has many definitions according to different dictionaries. Maroon is defined as a dark reddish-purple color in the Cambridge English Dictionary, whereas dark brown-red is defined in the “American Dictionary” section. This implies that perceptions in the United Kingdom and North America differ slightly. Maroon is a brownish-red color, according to the Lexico online lexicon. Maroon is a dark purple, according to Maroon is defined as “a brownish crimson (strong red) or claret (purple hue) color” by the Oxford English Dictionary, while the Merriam-Webster online dictionary simply defines it as “a dark red.”

Chestnuts in a bundle. The word maroon comes from the French word marron, which means chestnut.
The term “maroon” comes from the French word “marron,” which means “chestnut.”
The web color maroon is made by reducing the brightness of pure red to around half in the sRGB color model for additive color representation. It’s also worth noting that maroon is the opposite of the web color teal.

The distinctive color of Hankyu Railway, a Japanese private rail business, is maroon, which was chosen by a poll of female consumers in 1923. Hankyu envisioned an alternate color when designing new automobiles in the 1990s. Residents in the area objected to the idea, therefore it was scrapped.


In November 2003, the color maroon was designated as the national color of Queensland, Australia. While the official sRGB shade of maroon is R=115, G=24, B=44, Queenslanders wear all hues of maroon during athletic and cultural events to represent the state.
The Minnesota State Patrol’s official colors are maroon and gold.

The Forum for Democracy, a Dutch right-wing political group, is represented by the color maroon.

Since 1942, various airborne troops throughout the world have worn the unique maroon beret. The beret is also known as the “red beret.”
Historically, the Portuguese Army’s Caçadores (rifle) units used maroon as their distinctive hue.

Vajrayana Maroon robes are worn by Buddhist monks, including the Dalai Lama.
In the Philippines, Catholic followers of the Black Nazarene wear maroon and golden yellow, especially during the procession on January 9th.

Maroon is a school color used by many universities, colleges, high schools, and other educational institutions. Maroon and white, maroon and grey, maroon and gold, and maroon and blue are all popular combos.

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