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Meditation is the practice of focusing on an object or a single point of awareness. This is the practice of calming the mind to allow one to dive into the true nature; true nature, which is the one with everything (the source of the universe, the divine consciousness, universal consciousness, or any other name is the same).

As you will see that there are many approaches to meditation; hundreds of tips and techniques. All of them work; Of course, at the beginning they help to focus your concentration. It is, however, important not to become attached to a particular technology or object. When it comes down to is what meditation is all about implementing a post that you have found the secret difference, which, as described by Wu; nothingness, emptiness, nothingness. Only then are you meditate, and most importantly not to understand what they found but only let it be merged with silence, peace and tranquility, which is the pure nature of our universe.


This is the way to all the wonder and the gateway to the essence of everything. It can be found only within, through the merger with the peace, tranquility and peace of this moment.

The silence of the mind, improve concentration and focus, increased transparency, increased vitality and rejuvenation, happiness and emotional stability, improved memory and learning ability, inner peace, tranquility and unity are just some of the benefits of regular practice of meditation can give you.

By meditation you can discover the mystery and open the door which connects you with your true essence, your soul and lead you on the path of self-realization; you are one with the universe, a part of all that is everywhere, everyone and everything.

Meditation is the key that opens the door to the soul of who you really are, your purpose, why you’re here, and the true meaning of life.

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