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Microscopes comes in single lens and sophisticated ones with visualization systems. Microscopes differ on the resolution magnification, illumination method, image field type, degree of automation, etc.

Depending on the radiation source, microscopes can be broadly classified as light, confocal and electron. Light microscopes utilize visible light as the radiation source.

Light microscopes can be re-classified in stereo microscopes and compound microscopes. Stereo microscopes are known as a dissecting microscope, which can give a three-dimensional representation of the object.


Compound microscopes provide 2- or two-dimensional views of objects that can be used for laboratory purposes. Phase-contrast microscope dark field microscope and changes light microscopy principles to improve the visual quality of the sample.

Electron microscopes are complex types, which use electrons flow as a source of radiation instead of light. This can provide higher levels of scalability and effectively used in the field of geology, archeology and medicine.

Transmission electron microscope is used to magnify the internal parts of the specimen using an electron beam. 3-dimensional image of the sample surface can be analyzed by a scanning electron microscope. Scanning transmission electron microscope of TEM that scans the objects at a faster pace.

Confocal microscopes with a high degree of automation is used as a laser radiation source.

Scanning probe microscopes are group which forms an image by scanning the sample with a physical probe. Scanning probe microscope generally includes a scanning tunneling microscope, atomic force microscope, scanning near-field optical microscopes, etc.

Microscopes are classified on the basis of their lenses such as monocular, binocular and trilocular.

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