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A milkshake, or just a smoothie, is a drink that is usually made by mixing milk, ice cream, and flavors, or sweeteners, such as butterscotch, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, or fruit syrup, in a thick, sweet, cold mixture.

Full-service restaurants, ice cream shops, soda fountains, diners, and people at home usually make and mix the cocktail manually from ice cream scoops and milk in a blender or beverage mixer. Hand-mixed milkshakes are traditionally made from any flavor of ice cream; additional flavors, such as chocolate syrup, malt syrup, or malt milk powder, may be added before mixing. This allows you to get more variety than is available for machine shakes.

Many fast-food establishments do not make shakes manually with ice cream; instead, they make smoothies in automatic milkshakes machines that freeze and serve a pre-made blend of milkshakes consisting of milk, a sweetening flavor, and a thickener. These are similar to soft-serve ice cream machines but keep the shakes in a drinking form.


When the term “milkshake” was first used in print in 1885, milkshakes were an alcoholic beverage made from whiskey, which was described as a “strong, healthy drink of the “egnog” type, with eggs, whiskey, etc., which served in as a tonic, as well as pleasure. “However, by 1900, the term wholesome drinks made from chocolate, strawberry or vanilla syrups. “By the early 1900s, people asked for new refreshments, often with ice cream. By 1930- for years, milkshakes have become a popular drink at malt shops, which were “a typical soda fountain of the period used by students as a meeting place or a hangout.”

The history of the electric blender, malt milk drinks, and milkshakes is interconnected. Before the widespread use of electric blenders, drinks such as milkshakes were more like eggnogs, or they were a hand-shaken mix of crushed ice and milk, sugar, and flavorings. Beverage mixers on Hamilton Beach began to be used in soda fountains in 1911, and an electric blender or mixer for drinks was invented by Stephen Poplavsky in 1922. With the invention of the blender, milkshakes began to take on their modern, whipped, aerated, and frothy shapes.

The use of malt milk powder in milkshakes has been popularized in the US by the Chicago-based Walgreens drugstore chain. Malt milk powder – a mixture of condensed milk, malt barley, and wheat flour – was invented by William Horlick in 1897 for use as an easily digestible health-improving drink for people with disabilities and children, as well as food for babies.

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