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The mojito is a classic Cuban highball. White rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime juice, soda water, and mint are commonly used in the cocktail. The mojito’s sweet, citrusy, and herbaceous mint flavors are meant to compliment the rum, and it’s become a favorite summer drink.

Fresh lime juice is combined with sugar (or simple syrup) and mint leaves to make a mojito. A muddler is used to gently crush the mixture. The mint leaves should only be crushed, not shredded, to release the essential oils. The rum is then added, and the drink is swirled quickly to dissolve the sugar and raise the mint leaves from the bottom for a more attractive presentation. Finally, crushed ice and sparkling soda water are added to the drink. The glass is garnished with mint leaves and lime wedges.

The mojito is said to have originated in Havana, Cuba, while its actual origin is disputed. A small boarding crew went ashore in Cuba with materials for an effective treatment because it was known that the native South American Indians had cures for numerous tropical ailments. Aguardiente de caa (literally “burning water,” a crude rum derived from sugar cane) was combined with native tropical ingredients such as lime, sugarcane juice, and mint.

Lime juice alone would have protected the British from scurvy and dysentery, but tafia/rum was quickly added as it became more readily accessible (ca. 1650). Mint, lime, and sugar were also beneficial in masking the spirit’s abrasive flavor. Sir Francis Drake, according to another version, created it. Brandy was used to make the “El Draque” drink. While it wasn’t named a mojito at the time, it was the first time these components were combined.

Some historians believe that African slaves working in the sugar cane fields of Cuba during the 19th century played a role in the cocktail’s creation. The sugar cane juice used in mojitos, guarapo, was a favorite drink among the slaves who gave it its name. It was never meant to have lime juice in it.

There are various hypotheses about the origin of the term mojito, one of which claims that it is derived from mojo, a Cuban condiment created from lime and used to flavor foods. Another suggestion is that the term Mojito is derived from the diminutive of mojado, mojadito (Spanish for “a little moist”) (“wet”).

The mojito is frequently mentioned as Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktail. Hemingway is also supposed to have made the bar La Bodeguita del Medio famous after becoming a regular and writing “My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita” on the bar’s wall. Despite Hemingway biographers’ concerns about such patronage and the author’s penchant for mojitos, this epigraph, penned and signed in his name, survives. The cuisine at La Bodeguita del Medio is more famous than the drinks.

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