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They are very annoying and we know that we are concerned when we have a sound sleep. They feed on blood and often create a buzzing sound that warns us of their presence. They are nothing but mosquitoes. Mosquito word has been received from the Spanish meaning little fly. They belong to the largest type of the animal kingdom, which arthropods Insecta order. They belong to the family Culicidae. They are often confused with an air valve and air chironomids by a layman.


Mosquito development is indirect, meaning that they pass through the larval stage. Their life cycle includes four stages. These stages are egg, larva, pupa and adult or imago. Adult females prefer to lay eggs in the water, whether it be a small tank of water, pond water or water-filled tank or bucket. Eggs, larvae and pupae develop in water, and the total length of time they have taken to complete the development of 5-14 days. Hatching eggs depends on the temperature. Pupae free floating stages and adults emerge from them to survive for about 4-8 weeks.

About 3500 species of mosquitoes are known to date. In many species, the females suck human blood and are known vectors of certain dangerous disease that cause the organisms which caused disease in humans.

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