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Motorcycling is a lot of fun to deal with. But it is important to learn how to ride in the defensively and respect the motorcycle and its power. If you start with this attitude at the very beginning, that will ensure that you enter into this high-risk activity with thoughtfulness and self-preservation, and it will make the ride experience so much more enjoyable.

How Motorcycles are Made?

The main raw materials used in the body of the motorcycle are metal, plastic and rubber. Motorcycle frame consists almost completely of metal, and wheel. The frame can be coated plastic. Tires are made of rubber. The seat is made of a synthetic material such as polyurethane. The power supply system consists of a four-stroke engine, carburetor fuel inlet for conversion into steam, steam, to control the air fuel ratio, transmission and drum brakes.


The transmission system comprises a connector that consists of the steel ball and the weights of metal plates, a crankshaft, gears, pulleys, belts of rubber or metal chains and gears. The electrical system includes the battery, ignition cables and coils, diodes, tail lights, turn signals and horn.

Cylindrical piston aluminum alloy (preferably, as it is easy and good conductor of heat), is one of the major components of the engine. It is equipped with piston rings made of cast iron. The crankshaft and the cylinder block made of aluminum. The engine also includes a cylinder barrel, usually made of cast iron or light alloy.

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