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The mouse is a small rodent with a sharp nose, a round body, large ears and a long often hairless tail. There are hundreds of species of mice that have been divided into subfamilies of the Old World or the New World. Common varieties include deer mouse, house mouse, field mouse, forest mouse, dormouse, spiny and zebra mouse.


  • Although some people talk about mice and rats, if they were the same, they are different species in the rodent family. Rats are usually larger than mice and can be bald, scaly and in the form of a cylinder.
  • Mice have an excellent balance and can walk along for very thin pieces of rope or wire. They can even scale rough vertical surfaces.
  • Mice come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some common mouse colors are white, brown and gray. Some of them are very small.
  • Mice are interesting researchers. They find creative ways to enjoy, satisfying their curiosity, to explore, for example, extorting in narrow gaps and biting through an obstacle with their sturdy teeth.
  • Mice are solid creatures that are found in almost every country and type of terrain. They can easily live in forests, meadows and human-made structures. Their natural predators are cats, birds, wild dogs, and foxes.
  • Mice are incredibly clean, tidy and organized. In their underground houses, they have a specific area for storing food, going to the toilet and for shelter.
  • They also have great memories. Although rats have poor eyesight, once their figure out the path they never forget it.

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