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A mug is a type of cup commonly used to drink hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup, or tea. Mugs usually have handles and hold a more liquid than other types of cup. As a rule, mug contains about 8-12 ounces of liquid in the United States (350 ml); double a tea cup. A mug is a less formal container for drinks and is usually not used in official places where a cup of tea or coffee cup is preferable. Shaving mugs to assist in wet shaving.

Ancient mugs are usually carved from wood or bones or made from clay, and the most modern mugs are made from ceramic materials such as bone china, ceramics, porcelain or stoneware. Some of them are made of strengthened glass, such as Pyrex. Other materials, including enameled metal, plastic or steel, are preferred when reduced weight or resistance to breakage is at a premium, like for camping. The travel mug is insulated and has a cover with a small hole to prevent spills. Methods such as silk screen printing or decals are used to apply decorations such as logos or images fired on the mug to ensure consistency.


Wooden mugs are probably made from the most ancient times, but most of them are not survived intact.

Travel mugs (introduced in the 1980s) typically use insulating properties for transporting hot or cold liquids. Like a vacuum flask, the traveling mug is usually well insulated and fully closed to prevent leakage or spillage, but usually has a hole in the lid through which the contents can be consumed during transportation without spilling. Since the main mechanism by which hot (not warm) beverages lose heat is evaporative cover, even thin plastic used for disposable coffee mugs, which makes the heat quite quickly, also plays a vital role in maintaining a hot drink.

The mug is one of the most popular examples of homeomorphism in topography. Two objects are homomorphic if they can be deformed in another, without cutting or gluing them together. Thus, in topology, mug is equivalent to (homomorphically) a doughnut, since it can be turned into a doughnut by continuous deformation without cutting, breaking, drilling holes, or gluing.

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