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Music is an artistic form of communication of auditory, created by singers or a musical instrument, which looks beautiful, harmonious and can be performed by a musical band. It is a group of two or more musicians who play instrumental or vocal music. There are many different types of music, and in the modern world music becomes a boom in the music industry. In each musical style, different standards were developed for the size and composition of the various groups that these groups perform for many music companies.

This art, whose environment sounds nice, refreshing, pleasant and delightful to our ears. Common elements of music are height, rhythm, dynamics and sensory qualities of timbre and texture.

Musical groups include instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner. Various music albums created by bands are available to music lovers on the market.

There are two main types of bands:


Concert Group

This group includes instruments that are bowed stringed instruments, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments, and this music can be performed in a specific area or place; musicians usually play while seated. In concert groups, such as orchestras, the musicians are guided by a conductor.

Marching Band

In these groups, musicians perform while marching or walking with the help of special marching formations, usually managed by a drum major. These groups hold open-air events, for example, during half time shows and parades.

Other types of bands include Drum and Bugle Corps, Jazz Band, Percussion Band, Wedding Bands and many more In wedding bands; you may listen to audio and watch videos of as many bands for weddings as you can.

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