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Nail paints are one of the most important items in cosmetics. There are several women who believe that the right color of nails can significantly improve their appearance and make them look delicate and feminine. To make sure your nail paints stay in good condition for a long time, here are some tips you can make use of.

Keep them always covered – Even a great nail polish can begin to thicken when it comes in contact with air. Make sure you never leave the lid off for a very long time, even during application. If you plan to take a break in a few minutes, close the bottle tightly. This will prevent the thickening and unsuitability of the polish.

Never mix up brushes – Often women like to apply several coatings. However, you must ensure that one color is completely dry before applying another. This is because the residues of another nail polish on the brush can cause faster damage and clogging.


Recover them with a thinner – You can always use nail polish remover to repair damaged nail polish. However, you should avoid this if the shelf life of the nail polish has expired. After pouring a few drops of thinner into it, will eliminate the thickness.

Always clean them after use – You keep wiping the brush against the inside of the top of the bottle, right? These residues tend to dry out and can not only get stuck in the bottle but also mix with the rest of the nail polish and make it thick. Therefore, after application, always clean the inner side of the neck of the bottle. This can be done quickly by dipping a cotton swab or tissue in thinner.

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