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Navratri is the stepping stone of the season of Indian festivals. It is the worship of the gods and goddesses for nine days. These days, the Gods, such as Durga, Laxmi, Kali and Saraswati, worshipped. Navratri comes twice a year in March-April, and in September-October during this period, lots of fasting and Puja done by the devotees. Prayers are sung for different goddesses.

There are some interesting facts about Navratri. Some of them are as followed below:

• The month from September to October is considered the most important Navratri season, as it marks the beginning of the holiday season, and people pray to the goddess and other gods, offering them flowers and fruits.
• Each day devotes himself to various goddesses, the first three days dedicated to the goddess Durga.
• In these three days, the goddess Durga and her appearance, such as Kali, Parvati are worshipped.
• On the fifth and sixth goddess, Laxmi is prayed. She is a sign of wealth and prosperity.
• The seventh and eighth day is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.
• The ninth day unmarried girls are prayed, the girls who have not reached their womanhood.


There are many legends associated with Navratri, and the famous one is about the legend of Lord Rama and Ravana. It is a belief that when Ravana kidnapped lord ram’s wife, he and Hanuman and Lakshman declared a battle with Ravana. Ravana had the blessings of various gods, so it was not easy to beat him and kill him. Consequently, Lord Ram prayed to the goddess Durga for nine days, and then she told him the secret to kill Ravana.

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