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Shrouded in mystery, Ninjas have become almost more of an idea than an actual warrior. Hundreds of years before that, in feudal Japan, ninjas were very active, and very real. They are not always good guys are not always the bad guys, they are more of a group of mercenaries to carrying out assassinations and espionage to the highest bidder. Today, much of what we know about them is really little more than a legend.

Infamous “throwing stars” in the Ninja’s arsenal might look deadly, but the best thing they could do is rolled. Ninja weapons were designed to play to their strengths as silent soldiers who were light on their feet and was able to use the weaknesses of their enemies against them.


Besides the obvious skills to use stars to tell time, apparently Ninjia believed that eyes of a cat are super sensitive. In fact, they considered them to be so sensitive that the cat’s eyes will reflect the movement of the sun and give them the opportunity to tell what time of day it is.

Ninjas are skilled at stealth, and they will definitely stand out dressed in their usual black uniform. Instead, they had to learn to merge with the crowd as they travelled from town to town to explore. They often wore dresses as “komuso” and “yamabushi” to hide its identity, without making the travel more difficult.

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