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In the Julian and Gregorian calendars, October is the tenth month of the year, and the sixth of seven months with a duration of 31 days. After January and February were introduced into the calendar that had been constructed by the Romans, October preserved its name (from the Latin and Greek ôct meaning “eight”) in the ancient calendar of Romulus c. 750 BC. On October 5, Meditrinalia, on October 11, Augustalia, on October 12, October Horse, on October 15, and Armilustrium, on October 19, one of three Mundus patets would take place in Ancient Rome. These dates do not match to the Gregorian calendar as we know it today. It was known as interfylle among the Anglo-Saxons because winter was considered to begin with this full moon (fylle).

October is frequently connected with spring in parts of the Southern Hemisphere and fall in sections of the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the Southern Hemisphere’s seasonal counterpart to April and vice versa.


The last two to three weeks of October (and, on rare occasions, the first week of November) are typically the only time of year when all of the “Big Four” major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada schedule games; the NBA begins its preseason and begins the regular season about two weeks later, the NHL is about one month into its regular season, and the NFL is about halfway through its regular season. There have been 19 instances when all four leagues have played on the same day (a phenomenon known as a “sports equinox”), the most recent of which occurred on October 27, 2019. Moreover, at this time, the Canadian Football League is usually reaching the end of its regular season, while Major League Soccer is starting its MLS Cup Playoffs.

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