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Although the word “alumete” was used as early as the 14th century, the word “omelette” was first formally used in a French cookery magazineCuisine Bourgeoisie, in the late 17th century. Of fact, because this is merely a moniker, it’s likely that the meal had been existing for a long time before it made its way into French cookbooks.

Cheesy pizza arrived from ItalySushi originated in Japan. Do you know who we owe our vegetable-rich omelet breakfast to? If that’s the case, be ready to learn about the origins of the omelet.


According to legend, the fluffy enigma of the omelet was solved in France. Omelet or Omelette is a variant of the French term amelette (attested in the mid-16th century). Because of the different forms of ‘uf,’ which means ‘egg,’ the initial vowel in the two words differs. In reality, the term ‘amelette’ derives from even older versions, the earliest of which being the 13th-century word ‘alemelle.’ It comes from the flattened form of the dish and signifies “knife blade.”

The omelet is said to have been invented by Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon and his troops came to a halt at Bessieres, the innkeeper prepared an omelet in his honor. He was so taken with the dinner that he instructed them to gather as many eggs as they could and create the world’s largest egg feast for his troops. That incident is thought to have inspired the classic Easter omelet.

Roman Empire

Another claim to omelets is that they were invented by the Romans, who are said to have prepared the first omelet dish. An omelet was called as ‘ovemele’ because it had a sweet honey taste (egg and honey).


America has its own history with regards to the first omelet preparation. The Denver omelet evolved from the Denver sandwich, which consisted of two pieces of bread with an omelet sandwiched between them. Around 1900, this sandwich became popular. It wasn’t until much later that the Denver omelet was found. Cheese, chopped ham, mushrooms, onions, and green pepper make up the Denver omelet. According to legend, the Denver omelet was created to mask the stale flavor of eggs delivered by wagon freight.

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