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Payment solutions are required by organizations, retailers, and all businesses that require transactions between themselves and their customers. This can either be in the form of an online or offline payment solution, but it depends on the company and the payment methods they choose to offer their customers.

Depending on the sector in which a business operates and the way customers pay for goods and services, payment solutions will need to be accessible and suited to your business needs. Many companies are now tending to establish online payment solutions as opposed to traditional offline methods due to their global appeal and the easy accessibility offered by the Internet.

In order to determine the payment solutions that are best suited to your business, businesses need to understand the different options available to them.

Online Payment Solutions

An online payment solution is a method that requires the Internet as a platform to process payments. There are different methods of online payment solutions available, and most companies strive to offer a variety so that they appeal to a wider audience:


Credit Cards

It is a type of money card that allows the cardholder to spend a specific amount repayable at a competitive interest rate. They are available worldwide and offered to individuals and businesses. The main advantage of credit cards is that they allow the cardholder to have flexibility in the payment of their purchases as well as the freedom to repay it over time, with applicable interest rates.

Debit Cards

It is a type of card that the bank issues to a holder to allow them to access their account. A debit card allows cardholders to access money at any time through an ATM and use it to make payments at point-of-sale terminals or online. The main advantage of debit cards is that they offer high security to their cardholder as well as accessibility to funds at all times.


eChecks is an electronic version of traditional paper checks used to make online payments. In this alternative method of payment, you can pay for goods/services without having a credit card. The money is taken from your account and transferred to the seller’s account. The submission and acceptance of online electronic check payments are called electronic check processing.

Mobile Payments

Payment process via a mobile device. Most banks offer an SMS service during a mobile payment, which authorizes it to secure this method. This payment solution is particularly advantageous for owners of devices such as blackberries and iPhones.

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