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Owl are charming birds – there are about two hundred different species of owls, and they are found all over the world, except Antarctica. The elf owl is the smallest is 5.3 inches tall, it is the largest Eurasian Eagle Owl and Blakiston’s Fish Owl, which are more than 28 inches long, with a wingspan greater than most men!

Contrary to what most people think, an owl can not turn his head all the way back, but only up to 135 degrees. Owls are visionary. They can not see anything only a few inches away from it, and as soon as they catch prey, they eat it by touch rather than sight. Their eyes are fixed in the sockets so to look in the other direction, they need to turn their entire head.


Different cultures use owls to represent different characteristics. In Finland, the owl is used to represent wisdom and stupidity!

Types of owls which are now extinct, were alive at the time of the dinosaurs and can not fly. Some heron-like bird fossils were probably owls. Some data indicate that owls are more closely related to nightjars than other birds of prey, although this is not certain.

Owls are incredibly beautiful birds to photography.

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