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A page in a bookmagazinenewspaper, or other collection of sheets is one side of a sheet of paper, parchment, or other material on which text or illustrations can be printed, written, or drawn to form documents. It can be used to convey a broad amount of information (“That topic is twelve pages long”) or a more precise amount of information (“That topic is twelve pages long”) (“there are 535 words in a standard page in twelve point font type”).

The word “page” derives from the Latin phrase pagina, which means “a written page, leaf, or sheet,” and is derived from an older meaning “to make a row of vines that forms a rectangle.” The Latin term pagina is derived from the verb pangere, which meant to mark out vineyard borders.


The number of pages in a book is part of its physical description in library science, which is coded in MARC 21 subfield $300a and UNIMARC subfield $215a. If the book comprises separately-numbered parts, this description begins with the number of pages (or a series of such numberings separated by commas), followed by the abbreviation “p.” for “page(s)”. The number of pages is expressed in the same format as the section numbering (Arabic or Roman numbers, uppercase or lowercase, etc.). Pages that aren’t numbered aren’t described.

describes a book having two portions, the first of which has 11 pages numbered in uppercase Roman numerals and the second of which has 2050 pages numbered in Arabic numerals, for a total of 2061 pages plus any unnumbered pages.

When completing original cataloguing, the librarian may opt to describe the book as “1 v.” (one volume) if it has too many independently numbered parts, too many unnumbered pages, or solely unnumbered pages.

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