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In its most basic form, a palette is a solid, flat surface on which a painter organizes and mixes pigments. A palette is often constructed of woodplastic, ceramic, or another hard, inert, nonporous material, and its size and form can vary widely.

A thin wood board meant to be held in the artist’s hand and rest on the artist’s arm is the most frequent sort of painter’s palette. Watercolor palettes are either rectangular or wheel-shaped, with built-in wells and mixing spaces for colors, and are constructed of plastic or porcelain.


A wet palette is a sealed container containing an absorbent layer (such as a paper towel or sponge) that may be soaked in water and a semi-permeable membrane (such as parchment, greaseproof paper, or baking paper (silicone paper)) on top. Osmosis keeps the paint moist while it lies on the membrane.

The wet palette’s principal purpose is to keep acrylic paint, which dries irreversibly, useable. Only water soluble paints, like as acrylics, may be used on wet palettes because the passage of water through the palette paper keeps the paint wet. Wet palettes are simple to build using common household items, and many painters choose to use them, although commercial wet palettes are also available.

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