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bench is a long seat that may accommodate several persons at once. Benches are commonly built of wood, although they can also be created out of metalstone, or synthetic materials. Many benches feature arm and back supports; some don’t, and can be sat on from either side. In American public spaces, benches are frequently given by individuals or organizations, who may be acknowledged on the bench, for example, with a tiny plaque. Benches are utilized both indoors and out.

Benches are frequently called by the location in which they are used, regardless of whether this suggests a particular style.

Park benches are used as sitting in public parks and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different numbers of people.

Garden benches are comparable to park benches in that they are longer and have more places to sit.

Picnic tables, often known as catering buffet tables, have extended seats in addition to a table. These tables may include retractable table legs to make transportation and storage easier.

Scenic benches are strategically placed to provide for comfortable viewing of a stunning scenery, a bustling street scene, or possibly a special event.

Perch seats are typically found in high-traffic locations, where individuals may take a brief respite.

A storage bench combines a seat with a storage box, and is commonly used to store gardening materials or grilling equipment.

A form is a backless bench with or without a backrest that was used for seating in dining rooms, schools, and law courts. It can be made of leather or upholstered cloth and has or does not have a backrest.

Early railway passenger vehicles had wooden benches.

A 240-foot (73-meter) park seat in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

Various varieties of benches are intended for and/or named for certain purposes, including:

Inside places of worship, church seats and pews are occasionally fitted with an extra kneeling bench. Traditional, contemporary, and curved church seats and pews are available to match and compliment the architectural styles and spaces of houses of worship.

A bench seat is a type of classic car seat that has a continuous pad that runs the length of the cabin.

a reprimand A punishee lies (and is typically tied) down on a bench for the administering of corporal punishment, after which it may be given a special name, such as caning bench.

A bench (weight training) is used for fitness activities like the bench press, which is called from the bench on which it is performed.

It is not possible to sit on a communion bench.

piano bench normally accommodates one person.

A spanking bench, such as a caning bench, is particularly intended for a spankee to lie down on, sometimes strapped down, while being subjected to rear paining.

Swing chairs are hanging benches that may be moved independently and are used for play or as a relaxing porch swing.

Swing Seats are similar to Glider Benches, but they are not hung; instead, they include a mechanism beneath the resting area that allows the bench to rock back and forth.

A courting bench (also known as a kissing bench or tête-à-tête) is a two-seater with seats facing in opposing directions, virtually facing each other.

When a youngster needs someone to talk to, they can go to a friendship seat on the school playground.

The bench behind which the judge sits in a courtroom.

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