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In physics, a particle is a small local object, to which can be ascribed physical or chemical properties, such as volume or mass can be attributed. They vary greatly in size or quantity, from subatomic particles such as an electron, to microscopic particles such as atoms and molecules, to macroscopic particles such as powders and other granular materials. Particles can also be used to create scientific models of large objects, even depending on their density, such as moving people inside a crowd or celestial bodies in motion.

The term “particle” is general and is refined as necessary in various scientific fields. Something that is composed of particles can be called particulate. However, the name of the “particulate” is most often used to treat contaminants in the Earth atmosphere, which is a suspension of unconnected particles, and not aggregation of bound particles.


There are particles that we observed in nature – three types of electrons and three types of neutrinos, two W bosons, Z Boson, Higgs boson, six quarks, different gallons and photons. Among them there are antiparticles. Then there may be other Higgs bosons. There is a Goldstone bosson associated with the Higgs field. There may exist magnetic monopoles of the North and South.

There is one or more particles associated with inflation fields that have not yet been identified as responsible for inflation. There may be particles with certain symmetries, such as axions.

There is a particle associated with gravitation – the graviton.

If enough energy is concentrated in one place, a quantum black hole is formed. It is considered a particle. There is an infinite number of possible masses of black holes.

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