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Pasta is filled with carbohydrates; every 100 grams of pasta contain 54 grams of carbohydrates. This amount is more than four times the size of a piece of bread.

Pasta is also low in fat; each gram of the pasta is only nine calories. For example, whole-wheat pasta contains low calories and contains a ton of iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. Minerals are important to your health, because they help with physical functions, such as regulating heart rate, maintaining muscles and maintaining bone structure. Whole wheat is healthy and tasty, if you are not a fan of all wheat, then normal pasta is still a healthy choice in combination with a healthy tomato sauce.

Pasta is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, an important vitamin that helps healthy eyesight, skin and bone growth. It is also rich in vitamin B, another important vitamins that helps in metabolism, maintains a healthy skin tone and muscle tone, improves the immune system and so on.


Pasta is just a healthy food, which everyone loves to eat. Other minerals that are in pasta are potassium, which is important for cardiovascular diseases. Finally, it is high in folic acid or known as vitamin B-9. For pregnant women, this vitamin is extremely important, because it helps prevent birth defects and anemia. For those who also have high blood sugar or hyperglycemia, pasta have a low glycemic index, which means that it does not cause rapid healing of blood sugar.

Pasta is one of the cheapest products that you can buy, and is one of the simplest foods that you can cook. Boil some water, sprinkle with salt, and when finished, pour out the water and voila, you have the pasta ready for cooking with your favorite sauces and foods. There are many ways to make pasta, something simple, like spaghetti with meat sauce, to something exquisite such as sirloin tip fettuccine.

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