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Pearls are both natural and cultured product. They are coveted, especially by women all over the world as a classic women’s jewelry. Beautiful, iridescent pearl gem beads are valued worldwide. A necklace of pearls can be simple, elegant string of pearls or beads in combination with other precious stones. Pearls are also believed to contribute integrity, loyalty, calm temperament and focus. Culturally, pearls were a symbol of wealth, social significance and success throughout human history.

Many white pearls have overtone colors referred to shimmer. Pink roses or overtones are rare and expensive. Creamy shades are also rare, but not so expensive. Pearls with silver overtones are also very coveted.


Cultured freshwater pearls are grown in rivers all over the globe. Japan cultivates them and so does the United States along small tributaries of the Mississippi River. Freshwater pearls are produced by mollusks. They can be grown in a variety of colors, including pink, orange, purple and gold colors. They are generally smaller in size and are of different sizes. Colored pearls are judged by tone. Tone refers to the intensity of color from light to dark. Dark yellow pearl will have a richer color and is considered to be more rare and valuable. Pearls can be colored and come in various forms. Shapes vary from round, baroque, button shapes, drop shape and an irregular shape. Large round spherical pearls are the most highly prized. Pearls of any kind make beautiful lasting jewelry by themselves or in combination with other precious stones. Freshwater pearls make beautiful jewelry and many varieties are well within the price range of the total surface.

Pearl is an organic gem. Pearls are made of soluble chemical and can easily be damaged by oils, perfume, hairspray, and human sweat. They can be cleaned with filtered water and cotton balls. Avoid all chemicals. Jewelers know how to safely clean pearls that are heavily polluted. Treat pearls with respect to Mother Nature for her works of art and their beauty and luster will last forever.

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