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USB flash drive, also known as thumb drive, pen drive, gig stick, flash memory, jump drive, disk key, (after the original M-Systems DiskOnKey drive from 2000), Sony memory) is a storage device that includes flash memory with built-in USB interface. It is usually removable, overwritten and much smaller than an optical disc. Most weigh less than 30 grams (1 ounce). Since it first appeared on the market at the end of 2000, as in almost all other computer memory devices, the storage capacity increased and prices have dropped.

Since March 2016, flash drives have sold anywhere from 8 to 256 GB; less often – 512 GB and 1 TB units. Storage capacities of more than 2 TB with constant improvements in size and price per capacity expected. Some of them allow up to 100,000 write/erase cycles depending on the specific type of memory chip used, and it is believed that under normal conditions the last ranges from 10 to 100 years (shelf storage life).

USB drives are often used for the same purposes for which floppy disks or compact discs have ever been used; that is, for storing, archiving, and transferring computer files to another computer, laptop, smartphone or any other smart device. They are smaller, faster, have a thousand times greater capacity and are more durable and reliable because they have no moving parts. They are also immune to electromagnetic interference (unlike floppy disks) and are unharmed to surface scratches (unlike compact disks). By 2005, most desktops and laptops are equipped with floppy disks in addition to USB ports, but floppy disks become obsolete after widespread USB ports and large USB storage compared to 1.44 MB 3.5-inch flexible disk,


USB flash drives use a standard high-capacity mass storage standard supported by modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS and other Unix-like systems, as well as many BIOS boot disks. USB 2.0 USB devices can store more data and transfer them faster than much larger optical discs, such as CD-RW or DVD-RW, and can be read by many other systems, such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, DVD players, systems and a number of portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, although a similar electronic SD card is more suitable for these devices.

Flash memory consists of a small printed circuit board carrying an electrical circuit and a USB connector electrically isolated and protected in a plastic, metal or rubberised case that can be carried in a pocket or key chain. The USB connector can be secured with a movable cap or a retraction in the device case, although it is unlikely to be damaged if it is not protected.

Most flash drives use a standard type-A USB connection that allows you to connect a PC port, but there are other interface devices. USB drives extract power from your computer through a USB connection. Some devices combine the functionality of a portable media player with a USB drive; They only require a battery when used to play music on the go.

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