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Persian cats are beautiful pets, social and harmless. It is also called Iranian cats or Shirizi cats. The scientific name for this pet is Felis catus. The Persians have shiny, silky fur, a round face, shiny eyes and long hairs all over their body. Cats are generally known for their calm and gentle behavior. They usually asked for permission to enter the rally. Although the valid reason for his long hair is not known, however, scientists have declared it as a result of a natural mutation.


In 1626, an Italian citizen, Mr. Pietro Della Valle, introduced a long-haired cat to Europe for the first time. Probably it was brought to Europe by traders from the Middle East. At first, these cats were known as Asian cats and available in one color. The credit goes to the Persian scientists, who developed its breed. Now the Persians are found in different colors, including two-tone.


The average lifespan of this cat is fifteen years. More than 76% of cats live to 12 years and 52% of cats live 15 years or more. The UK veterinary department has declared its average lifespan to be 14 to 17 years. The weight of the Persians is generally between 7 to 12 pounds.

Care and Maintenance

The department explained the cause of death for Persian cats. They believe that the Persians have a large round skull, a shortened face and nose, which makes it difficult to breathe. Cats generally suffer from breathing difficulties due to their facial structure. In addition, the Persians have long hairs, which require regular care and maintenance to avoid the mats. They must be bathed and dried carefully daily. Their eyes can be cleaned regularly to prevent them from eye diseases.

Personality and Behavior

The Persian cat is a beautiful, calm, gentle and gentle pet. She enjoys the company of peaceful people. Persian cats are calm in nature but also have a playful side. Cats have a strict enmity with dogs.

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