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PHP is a web application platform is widely used and is considered one of the most popular language web applications used by PHP developers worldwide. It is claimed that in late 2013, more than 244 million websites using PHP. It is simple to use, and this is the main reason for developers with PHP applications companies prefer the PHP language.

There are many software languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, Java Script, PHP, Perl, and Ruby, etc. among these PHP is probably the most powerful and easy-to-understand language. The computer was introduced to solve complex mathematical calculations.

PHP is successful in recent years – and its success is the need for such a long time, although the technology surrounding it so much changed, at the same time. It began as a set of tools for recording traffic and turned into an object-oriented language blooms into full-scale web-based platform for the development of technology. At the moment this is the most important language that people turn to when encoding.


It is mainly used to improve a Web page, create the user names and passwords, user data validation in the form, image galleries, forums and a lot of other creations. Moreover, the language on the server side, since the computer does not work. It converts the input or command that is given to him and give access to this language. But PHP works only when PHP code injected into the HTML page, and then the output is obtained from a web browser. PHP in general can perform a variety of functions that can make the personal order on the course.

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