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Piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard that has a number of keys that the performer pushed or pressed down with the fingers and thumbs of both hands. The piano invented in early 1800s by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Piano has made a significant contribution to modern and classical music, and it was created in the first place at the beginning of 1700s. It is derived from the harpsichord and since taken on various forms of grand piano, digital pianos and keyboards, and finally hybrid pianos. Piano is one of the most popular music instruments that also makes beautiful piece of furniture that looks great in any home.


The piano usually have about 220-230 strings are made of steel and strung extremely tight to produce a sound when struck by the hammers. Each line usually contains about 168 pounds of tension, which makes the total tension of most standard pianos approximately 18-20 tons. Nevertheless, some of the largest grand pianos accommodate up to a whopping 30 tons of tension! It’s really amazing, and that is what makes this piano tuning such as professional music instrument.

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