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Whenever you look at the personalized photo frames you just received or the ones that adorn someone’s living room, you are probably focusing on the picture and admiring the people who smile at you. Very few people take the time to notice the frame. And, the fact that the perfect frame carefully chosen to coordinate with the frame and the people in the image can work to enhance the effect of the photograph. Read the engraving and you connect with the situation in which the photo was taken and its meaning for the owner. Stop for a minute and check the accuracy of the engraving and style, and you’ll want to learn more about the intricate art of creating custom photo frames.

Photo Frame Materials

Photo frames come in an amazing range of materials and finishes. You can choose the one you like based on the type of photo you want to improve.


Wooden Photo Frames

Wooden frames that are made from wood such as walnut, oak, pine, ash, natural wood or any other give a traditional touch to the image inside. In addition, wooden frames can have different shades such as light and dark with varnishes which can give them an antique finish. Old, precious and sepia pictures of your grandparents perhaps, sitting next to the old clock that you still own, can very well correspond to a wooden frame which gives it a warm and traditional look. Pair these custom photo frames with more contemporary photography and they will add warmth to any room in which you place them.

Silver Polished Photo Frames

You can use these frames for just about any type of photo you want to showcase or gift. Not only do they take engraving very well, but they can also show patterns, both in relief and in relief. They also give a very elegant look to any room. For example, if you want to frame a photo of the newlyweds, you can choose a frame with hearts and perhaps ribbons. But, if you have a baby photo that you want to present to his proud grandparents, choose a frame with a teddy. Or think of a frame with pink butterflies for a little girl.

Gold Polished Photo Frames

Like silver, gold has a unique look. Choose a polished gold frame or you can try a combination of silver with glittering gold in a diamond finish to add charm to the interior image. You can also choose custom photo frames with embossed or embossed patterns.

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