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A pirate is one who commits an offense while in the sea. The crimes could be anything, but is usually associated with robbery or violence.

Although people usually associate the traditional pirates, as well as those that cause problems and chaos in and around the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries, drinking grog and rum, and spoke with some Cornish accent, pirates existed and continue to exist wherever there is water almost everywhere. For example, the Vikings were also pirates.

One of the most famous pirate is Blackbeard. His real name was Edward Teach, and he went about intimidating people into giving him money and suchlike. He also had a peg leg as he loss his leg due to the diabetes.

Pirates wore earrings, because they believe that they improve their eyesight – not as a fashion accessory. Pirates are believed to have a woman on board in their ship was bad luck.

Pirates will take over the island ports and make them safe haven for pirates.

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