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Each component of the pizza – the crust, toppings, sauce and cheese is considered unhealthy. This is the usual case in today. Many pizza restaurants today offer this delicious food in a new way – using only organic ingredients. Thus, each piece of pizza becomes an organic healthy food.

Many of us believe that the pizza is very unhealthy food because it contains ingredients that can add weight to the consumer. Pizza has many calories, depending on the toppings and a crust.

We can assume that you can not rely on pizza delivery and a healthy appearance can be provided only when you create it yourself. But you are wrong, because today, many pizza shops served purely organic pizza. Cooking healthy pizza means using the right ingredients, all natural and organic.

Pizza is never complete without cheese. You can use a small amount of cheese or there may be many. The most classic look mozzarella and goat cheese. There are kinds that are used skim milk and so you get less fat, which is useful if you are aware of your calorie intake.

The sauce is another important part of the pizza. Organic ingredients can be purchased from the farmer’s markets. This can be done with fresh tomatoes infused with fresh herbs and garlic. These ingredients are then pureed in a food processor. There are different textures sauce; with sliced ​​tomatoes, it can be a little chunky. You can opt for a spicy or sweet taste and add more health benefits, it is done with a low level of sugar and sodium.

You can explore the dough, which is actually is the crust. You can have a gluten-free dough. Pizza without gluten can be either chewy or crunchy; you can have it thin or thick. Good pizza shops find the right balance between crispiness and chewing, to come up with a good taste and crust. This is a good recipe for the crust mixes together different types of flour. Tapioca flour, brown rice flour, sorghum flour, you can use all organic and gluten-free varieties. Some ingredients such as brown sugar, sea salt and olive oil can be added to add flavor to the crust. Depending on your choice, you can have a thin or thick crust. You can even have options for shape, round or square.

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