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Plasticine is a putty-like modeling material made from calcium salts, petroleum jelly, and aliphatic acids.

Plasticine is used for children’s play and as a medium for modeling more formal or permanent structures. Due to its non-drying property, it is a popular choice for stop-motion animation, including several films that won Oscars by Nick Park. The brand-name clay is sometimes referred to in British music, such as “plasticine porters” in the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Oasis songs “Little James” and “Shakermaker,” the placebo song “Plasticine” and Thom Yorke song “Plasticine Figures.”

William Harbutt, an art teacher from Bath, England, formulated plasticine in 1897. Harbutt wanted for his student sculptors to use non-drying clay. He creates a non-toxic, sterile, soft, and pliable clay that does not air dry.

Harbutt received a patent in 1899, and commercial production began at the Bathampton factory in 1900. The original plasticine was grey. Four colors were produced for initial sale to the public. Plasticine was popular with children, widely used in art schools, and has found many other uses (such as casting plaster and plastic).

Plasticine is about 65% bulking agent (main gypsum), 10% petroleum jelly, 5% lime, 10% lanolin, and 10% stearic acid Does. It cannot harden when fired, melts when heated, and ignites at higher temperatures.

Harbutt patented a different formula in 1915 that added wool fibers to make the plasticine more durable for earplugs and as a sterile dressing for wounds and burns.

Harbutt sells plasticine as a toy, making modeling kits based on characters from children’s fairy tales such as Noddy, Mr. Men, and Paddington, the Bear.

The original plasticine factory was destroyed by fire in 1963 and replaced with a modern building. The Harbutt company produced plasticine in Bathampton until 1983 when production was moved to Thailand.

Colorforms company was the primary plasticine licensee in the United States from 1979 to 1984. The use of a different chalk formulation caused a product mismatch, and the US version was considered inferior to the original mix.

Bluebird Toys plc acquired plasticine through the acquisition of Peter Pan, Harbutt’s parent company. In 1998 Mattel bought Bluebird, and the brand was sold to Humbrol Ltd, known for its model paints and owner of the Airfix model kit brand. In 2005, Flair Leisure licensed the brand from Humbrol and resumed plasticine production. It acquired the brand directly when Humbrol took over the administration a year later.

Plasticine and similar materials are often used in clay animation. One of its main supporters is Nick Park of Aardman Animations, who uses plasticine-modeled characters in his four Oscar Wallace winners.

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