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A plunger, also known as a force cup, plumber’s friend, or plumber’s assistant, is a tool that is used to unclog drains and pipes. A rubber suction cup is connected to a stick (shaft) that is often constructed of wood or plastic. A alternate bellows-like design, generally made of plastic, is also available.

The cup is pressed against the drain hole, either forcefully into the drain to force air in or until the rubber cup is flattened, and then drawn out, creating a vacuum to pull obstruction material upward and remove trash or other debris.

The cup of a kitchen plunger resembles a rubber ball sliced in half with a flared edge, but the cup of a toilet plunger resembles a deformed bowl with a big aperture on the bottom.

When there is water in the pipe, a plunger is far more effective since water does not compress and so transfers more of the applied force than air. When a plunger is useless, a chemical drain cleaner for sinks and tubs; or a plumber’s snake for difficult blockages, main line clogs, or toilet clogs) might be used.

New York confectioner John Hawley devised the plunger in 1874, and the flattened rim was added in 1876. The innovation was advertised as a “force cup” and was referred to as a “vent-clearer” in the patent.

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