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One of the oldest cultivated fruits, pomegranates first grown in ancient Persia and the health benefits of pomegranate are recognized even then. The Romans gave it its name – “pomegranate” literally means “apple seed” in Latin – and healthy seedlings planted across their empire.

Spain loved the pomegranates fruit, they named the city of Granada after them, according to some historians. This fruit also made its way to the east to India, where its juice was considered a health elixir that cures any number of ills. As modern researchers discover more about the importance of antioxidants to good health, it’s starting to look though the Ayurvedic experts centuries ago who were right about pomegranates.

Round red fruit has a symbolic history as rich as its geographical history. Its profusion of seed-related pomegranate fruit fertility and long-lived trees became associated with rebirth and renewal. Pomegranate, a rich red gemstone prized in the ancient world, got its name from its resemblance to the pomegranate seeds. Pomegranates have been the subject of poetry and allegorical tales from Greek mythology, the book of Exodus. Paintings, murals depict legendary heroes, gods and goddesses that are dining on grenades.

Pomegranate juice is almost as popular as the whole fruit. Because it is more concentrated pomegranate juice is slightly higher in calories than whole seeds to 120 calories per 8-oz. The total number of pomegranates juice is rich in antioxidants.

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