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Pool is an interesting game. If you learn it, then you will simply become addicted to it. This is a very simple game that can play up to four people. The game includes sticks and balls. The sticks are made of wood, and the balls are made of clay, but in ancient times they were made of wood. The stick we use is called Cue. One of the most important things is the pool table. The base or table has four holes in the four corners and two holes in the centre opposite each other.

Now we again come to one of the most important things in the game – this is a set of balls for the pool. Balls are very important and important for this game. Without these balls, you have nothing to play. Without balls, you will have nothing to play for. Therefore, proper care should be taken. You have to deal with the balls with care because as soon as the ball is damaged, there is no use.


Just remember that the set of balls for the pool does not fall to the ground if this happens, the balls get damaged, and then it will not bring benefit. Try not to throwing the balls or rolling them, just gently place them on the pool table. Throwing and rolling balls in the pool table, the pool table will also be damaged. You must clean the ball daily in the pool so that the dust does not fall into the trap and does not become dirty. If you plan to play with them for a long time, then you need to take care of this properly, in order not to buy a new set for billiards.

When you play all the time, the balls tend to get dirty. They often catch dust, oil and chalk on their surfaces. Dust and other things can influence the game. When the ball catches dust, it greatly affects the exact movement. You must keep the balls clean. There are several cleaning or polishing products that are applied to the balls to keep them clean and prolong your life. You can also clean the balls with a cloth.

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