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The word “portal” in science fiction and fantasy usually refers to a technological or magical door connecting two remote places separated by space-time. As a rule, it consists of two or more gateways, an object enters one gateway leaving via the other instantaneously.

Places that are connected through a portal include another location in the same universe (in this case, it can be an alternative to teleportation); parallel world (cross-portal); past or future (portal of time); and other levels of existence, such as heaven, hell, or other afterworlds.


Portals are similar to the cosmological concept of wormhole, and some portals work with wormholes.

Portals are often used in science fiction to move the protagonists to new territory. In video games, this term is often used to allow a player to quickly cover a territory that has already been explored. The storyline of a book that is commonly used is to first try to reach the opposite end of a new gate before it can be used.

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