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Many people want to know during a pregnancy test whether or not external factors can affect the test result. Will the results change if a woman had a glass or two of wine before taking the test? Will she have a different result if she takes drugs prescribed by her doctor? A number of questions arise as to whether alcohol consumption may or may not affect a pregnancy test.

Can Alcohol Affect a Pregnancy Test?

Alcohol cannot affect the result of a pregnancy test. If you’re wondering, “Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test?” After taking a test and wondering if your results are correct, the answer is no. Alcohol cannot affect your test result. The way that pregnancy tests work has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. It has everything to do with a chemical in your urine. It is a pregnancy hormone. You may know it more as hCG because it is most often referred to.


Drinking alcohol does not affect the amount of hCG in your urine if you are pregnant. However, if your levels are below five mIU, you are not pregnant, and no positive results will appear on your pregnancy test. Naturally, it takes the female body a week or more to start producing hCG after an egg has fertilized. From this point on, it takes even longer for hCG levels in a woman’s urine to increase. In fact, it takes two to three days for the levels to double. Since they start so low, it can take a few weeks before they are high enough to be detected by a home test.

Will Alcohol Affect Your Pregnancy?

Although alcohol does not affect the results of your pregnancy, it will affect your pregnancy. Before you start to panic into thinking that you’ve harmed your unborn child, it is important to understand that many women consume light to moderate amounts of alcohol during the first weeks of pregnancy, as they have no idea at this point that they are waiting. Provided that you do not drink more alcohol once you learn that you are pregnant, your baby will probably be fine.

However, if you continue to consume alcohol throughout your pregnancy, your baby is at risk for many different problems associated with fetal alcohol syndrome.

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