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Prototype – is an Action-adventure game, developed by Radical Entertainment and is available under platforms of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One. Published by Activision, this game is a sandbox style and a single player action game with a restricted rating to the audiences of 18+ mature.

Characters and Supporting Characters

The story takes place in New York. The main character is Alex Mercer. Alex starts on a very bad day at the beginning of the game. To be autopsied by two boys, Alex wakes up confused, not remembering who he is and how he landed in the morgue slab.


This is how the story of Alex Mercer’s revenge begins; He spends the whole game trying to understand who he is and what happened to him. Everyone who comes in the way and the truth suffers the consequences gruesomely. You see other characters in the whole game, such as Alex’s sister, but they do not care, because the characters are not very fleshed out that well. They come and go in the whole story to get you where you where the plot line needs you. For the most part, like the mist that comes and goes, they are forgettable.

The combat system is very intuitive, and you can choose your abilities from wheels, which allows you to gradually gain strength during the game. The cool aspect of Prototype is that the game turns into Max Pain as a slow movement (also known as a slow slow-mo) when you choose abilities. This function allows you to take your time without feeling rushed.

Ultimately, the Prototype is better than the sum of its parts. If you like a lot of action, and chaos, then Prototype can be the game you are looking for!

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