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sweater or pullover, often known as a jumper in British and Australian English, is a piece of knitted or crocheted apparel that covers the upper body and generally has long sleeves. The garment is known as a slipover or sweater vest when it is sleeveless.

Adults and children of both genders use sweaters, typically worn over a shirtblouseT-shirt, or other top, but can also be worn next to the skin. Sweaters used to be made of wool, but now they can be made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or a mix of these materials. There are also holiday sweaters, nicknamed “ugly sweaters” throughout the holidays.

“Sweater” is used in British English in the same sense as in American English, according to British dictionaries, but “jumper” is more often used instead (though some say that “sweater” is used for heavier ones worn for warmth). Sweaters are always pulled over the head in British use, but jumpers are not, according to Oxford University. However, most or all other British dictionaries disagree, stating that sweaters are not always pullovers or even that jumpers are always pullovers, i.e. never open in front.

The Oxford English Dictionary provides “”A woolen vest or jersey used in rowing or other athletic sports, initially… to decrease one’s weight; today usually worn before or after exercise to avoid getting chilly,” according to a definition from 1882. As a result, a jumper or pullover is a comparable garment for casual use.”


Most British dictionaries agree with what American dictionaries call “American English usage,” which defines a sweater as either a pullover or a cardigan (which opens at the front). Almost all British dictionaries classify cardigans as a form of sweater. In contrast, at least one classifies them as a type of jumper (i.e., most British dictionaries consider “sweater” to be a hypernym for both pullovers and cardigans).

The term “sweater” refers to a wide range of knit clothing. Although the phrase is commonly used to describe a pullover, it may also be used to describe a cardigan, which is a garment that opens and closes down the front. There is a wide range of designs within each category. There are many different necklines to choose from, but the V-neck, turtleneck, and crew neck are the most popular.

The hemline is usually around hip level or slightly longer, just overhanging the waist of one’s pants or skirt, although it can vary greatly. It can be as short as just below the breast in women’s clothing to as long as mid-thigh in both sexes, or even longer in a knitted poncho shirtdress. Sleeve length varies as well, from full-length or three-quarter sleeves to short-sleeved, cap sleeves, or sleeveless options. A cardigan’s front seam or opening can be used to create other designs, such as a surplice or bolero jacket. Borders such as picots, ribbing, and frills may be found on all hems.

Knitted textiles are more elastic than woven fabrics and have a softer touch (feel or drape). Sweaters with a tighter fit or a delicate drape may conform nicely to the body without the need for tailoring like darts, flares, and gores that are required in woven garments. Even when such shaping is employed, it can be knit directly into the fabric, eliminating the need for seams.

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