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A puppy is a juvenile dog.  Puppies weighing 1″1.5 kg (1-3 lb) are common, although bigger puppies can weigh up to 7″11 kg (15-23 lb). After birth, all healthy pups develop fast. The coat color can vary as the dog grows older, which is frequent in breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier. Puppy is a term that refers to young canines, although it may also apply to wolves, seals, giraffes, guinea pigs, rats, or sharks.

Puppies emerge from an amnion bitten off and devoured by the mother dog after an average of 63 days of gestation. Puppies start nursing nearly right away. If the litter has more than six puppies, and one or more are evident runts, human involvement in hand-feeding the stronger pupies is required to ensure that the runts receive adequate nutrition and attention from the mother.

Puppies are progressively weaned and begin to consume solid food after they reach the age of one month. The mother may feed the puppies partially digested food or allow them to eat some of her solid meal. At this period, the mother typically refuses to nurse, however she may allow them to nurse for comfort occasionally.

Puppies spend the majority of their time resting and the remainder eating at first. They immediately gather into a heap and get upset if they are removed from their littermates by even a short distance.


Puppies have a fully developed sense of smell when they are born. They can’t even open their eyes. A puppy’s senses develop fast during the first two weeks. Puppies use their noses to discover their mother’s teats at this period, as well as to locate their littermates if they become separated by a short distance. Puppies open their eyes nine to eleven days after they are born.

Their retinas are underdeveloped at initially, and their eyesight is weak. Puppies do not have the same vision as adult dogs. Puppies’ ears are also shut until around thirteen to seventeen days after birth, when they begin to listen to noises more actively. Puppies generally begin to growl, bite, wag their tails, and bark between the ages of two and four weeks.

Puppies grow fast throughout the first three months of their lives, especially once their eyes and ears open and they are no longer reliant on their mother. Their coordination and strength increase, and they spar with their littermates before venturing out into the world. They engage in activities such as wrestling, chasing, domination, and tug-of-war.

Puppies are highly sociable creatures who spend the majority of their waking hours with their mother or littermates. Puppies acquire social skills around people when they are socialized with humans, especially between the ages of eight and twelve weeks. Those that do not acquire enough socialization during this time may grow up to be frightened of humans or other canines.

The ideal period for socialization is between eight and twelve weeks; professional animal trainers and the American Kennel Club recommend that pups be introduced to “100 People by 12 Weeks” and have had exposure to a diverse range of people and situations.

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