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Python and Ruby are two of the most popular new generation programming languages software dynamically typed scripting languages ​​with strong support for object-oriented software architecture and implementation is very different from the kings of programming languages ​​such as Java and C, none of the new languages ​​have a strict syntax and hierarchy and instead focus on helping developers to “do something quickly,” instead of having to worry about missing a semicolon or closing parenthesis.

Then they have Python and the Ruby, an interactive shell collection of libraries that make relevant languages. More powerful they are widely used for web programming using their respective frameworks – Django (Python) and Ruby on Rails, so while as Python and Ruby are very similar, they are also competing languages.

Ruby was designed by Japanese computer specialist Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto and released in 1995 as a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general purpose programming language. Ruby’s philosophy revolves around the idea that a programming language should be the user (developer) friendly instead of being designed to run on a computer.

In other words, a programming language should not be such that when programming the focus should be not on the fact that the machine can make, and it should allow the programmer to work the best way to accomplish the task.

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