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Q is the 17th letter of the modern English alphabet and the basic ISO Latin alphabet. In almost all languages using the Latin script, it is a consonant, not a vowel.

Qôp Semitic sound value was /q/ (voiceless uvular stop), and the shape of the letter could be based on the eye of a needle, a knot, or even a monkey whose tail hung down. /q/ – sound, common to Semitic languages, but not common in many European languages. Some even suggested that the Q form is even more ancient: it may have originated from Egyptian hieroglyphs.


⟨q⟩ has many other pronunciations in some European and non-European languages that have adopted the Latin alphabet.

The capital letter Q is used as a sign for Guatemalan quetzal.

The Roman numeral Q is sometimes used to denote the number 500,000.

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