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Rather fittingly, the origins of the question mark is blurred in myths and secrets. One of the most attractive stories links the question mark curve with the shape of the curious tail of a cat. The relationship of this cat is attributed to either the ancient Egyptians (who, of course, are known for their worship of cats), or a monk who inspires his curious pet cat and includes the symbol in his manuscript. A parallel story suggests that an amazing sign comes from the shape of a surprised cat tail! Unfortunately, like many of the most exciting and entertaining stories of origin, there is no evidence to back up this tale.


Another possibility connects the sign in question mark with the Latin word quaestio (“question”). In the Middle Ages, scholars are supposed to write a “quaestio” at the end of a sentence to show that this question is reduced to qo. In the end, q was written in o, before it was transformed into a familiar modern questionnaire. However, like our cat friends, above, there is no evidence of this theory.

Where Do We Use Question Mark?

The sign [?] (also known as interrogation point, inquiry or eroteme in journalism) is a punctuation mark that indicates a multilingual inquiry or phrase. This mark is not used for indirect questions. The question mark is also often used instead of missing or unknown data.

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