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Radiation is defined as the transmission of energy or particles from a source via space or other media. Radiation includes light, heat, microwaves, and radio waves utilized in wireless communications.

Particles and electromagnetic waves that are released by some materials and convey energy are classified as radiation. Because it may create charged particles (or ions) in the matter, the type of radiation mentioned below is referred to as ionising radiation. Ionising radiation includes X-rays, gamma-rays, alpha particles, beta particles, and neutrons.

Unstable atoms create ionizing radiation. Unstable atoms are distinguished from stable atoms by having an excess of energy, mass, or both. High-voltage devices can also generate radiation (e.g., x-ray machines).


Radioactive atoms have nuclei that are unstable. These atoms give out or emit the extra energy or mass in order to achieve stability. Radiation is the term for these discharges. Electromagnetic (light) and particle radiation are the two types of radiation (i.e., mass given off with the energy of motion). Electromagnetic radiation includes gamma and x-rays, for example. The nucleus emits gamma radiation, while the electronic portion of the atom emits x rays. Particulate radiation includes beta and alpha radiation.

Surprisingly, there is a “background” of natural radiation in our surroundings that is present everywhere (ubiquitous). Background radiation is emitted from both space (cosmic rays) and naturally existing radioactive elements found on the surface of the planet and in living things.

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